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So you’ve engaged a hot girl in conversation, but you don’t know where to go from there? I’m going to teach you a technique that will allow you to never run out of things to say.


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Lifestyle & Culture. | @Power106 “#CruzConference”

Culture., Lifestyle.


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What are you dreading about the holidays? We tell you about our Thanksgiving stories and more
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Design Culture Interview. | @SkeeterNYC “#FoodCurated” (@josnowsyrups)

Culture., Design., Interviews.
Liza de Guia meets Melissa Yen, the founder and senior syrup slinger behind Jo Snow Syrups, a small-batch, artisan syrup company in Chicago. Melissa’s snow syrup flavors include Cola #6, Root Beer, Fig Vanilla Black Pepper, Cardamom Rose Water, Hibiscus Basil Orange Blossom, and Tangerine Lavender Honey, among many others.
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Reserve Channel provides once-in-a-lifetime access to some of the more extraordinary people and places life has to offer. Whether it’s traveling to exotic locales, getting inside the studio with iconic artists, or cooking alongside culinary legends, Reserve Channel has you on the list. This is where the content appetite of the cultural creatives is satisfied.
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Design Culture. | @SethGodin “Keep Making a Ruckus” (@99U Lecture)

Culture., Design.


In this question and answer session, Seth Godin advocates us to be bold. Whether it’s a toxic work culture or stagnation in your craft, Godin urges us all to recapture the child-like delight in taking a risk.
“You may know how to use fancy design tools, but if there isn’t that leap that leads to connection, it doesn’t matter….you’re not making art,” says Godin. “We didn’t build stuff because we need more beautifully laid out menus. We did it because people want to be touched, noticed, and connected.”
About Seth Godin
Seth Godin is the author of 17 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. You might be familiar with his books Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip,and Purple Cow. In addition to his writing and speaking, Seth is founder of, a fast growing, easy to use website. His blog (which you can find by typing “seth” into Google) is one of the most popular in the world. In 2013, Godin was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, one of three chosen for this honor.



Champions. | @jeffstaple (Lecture) (2012)

Culture., Design.
Discovering his calling in 1995 while working as an entry-level data clerk at a design firm, Jeff Ng – aka jeffstaple – dropped out of NYU, where he was studying journalism, and enrolled at the Parsons School of Design.
Not known solely for his massive sneaker collection, Jeff is a graphic, web, and clothing designer, an artist, DJ, writer and entrepreneur.
He is the founder/owner of Staple Design, Staple Clothing and the Reed Space, and is responsible for design work for companies such as Nike, Burton, Gianni Versace, Royal Elastics, Triple Five Soul, The Fader Magazine, The Gap, Sony Playstation and Apple.



Sports Culture. | @Da_Czar “Sim Hangouts” (#SimNation)

Join us for SimHangOut 21 where we plan to discuss an Article from grantland that asks the question do fans put too much emphasis on Rings to determine a players historical value…


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Design Culture. | #NoiseyDesign “The #LoFi Art of #SeattleGrunge”

Culture., Design.


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In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Art Chantry pioneered the visual style of grunge — designing posters and art for bands that defined the Seattle sound. The lo-fi and deconstructed nature of photo set type, xeroxed old imagery and collage can be seen throughout his work and career. With over 500 LP covers, 400 45’s and 2000 posters made to date for artists as various as the Sonics, Soundgarden, Hole and the Flaming Lips, Chantry is prolific in his contribution to the worlds of design and music.
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Episode 2 – Brian Roettinger:
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Design Culture. | @JessicaHische “#CreativeMornings” (Lecture)

Culture., Design.
Jessica Hische speaks on the intersection of arts and technology through the lens of web typography.
Jessica Hische at CreativeMornings Vancouver, June 2012. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at
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Design Inspiration. | @LILINTERNET “Where I’m From” (#Documentary)

Design., Inspiration., Interviews.
JAY Z’s Life+Times and vitaminwater® present the next episode of the new documentary series “Where I’m From.” This episode follows video director, music producer and all around creative person Lil Internet, and details his constant analysis of the world and creativity, and how he captures that and turns it into success. Known for his work on Beyonce’s “No Angel” and Diplo’s “Express Yourself” videos, he speaks on his modest upbringing in Norfolk, VA, using his parent’s music and video equipment to teach himself his craft.

Watch the extended interview here:

Directed and Edited by James Rothman for Scheme Engine
Produced by Chas Todd
Cinematography by Ben Vogel, James Rothman, & Eric Swiecinski
Sound Recorded/Mixed by Andrew Yip
Music by Lucas Ellman
Motion Graphic by Sean Ferguson
Color-Correction by Thomas Stigler
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Lifestyle & Culture. | @levimaestro “#MaestroKnows”

Culture., Lifestyle.
In this episode follow Maestro to French Polynesia as he visits Tahiti for the first time. Exploring the natural beauty that Moorea has to offer, Maestro makes his way around the island by buggy to find Belvedere Lookout before resting for the majority of the trip.
In this episode follow Maestro through Los Angeles as he stops by to see a few friends in efforts to sell “Living” caps for the benefit of Ebola victims. 100% of sales being donated to Maestro’s personal charity of choice Operation Blessing. For more info visit the link below….
Thank you to all my friends for the help!




Design Culture. | @JohnnyCupcakes “Becoming Johnny Cupcakes” (Lecture)

Culture., Fashion


Quirky and beloved entrepreneur Johnny Earle relives the path that led to the creation of the famous Johnny Cupcakes brand – including every prank and failure along the way.
Johnny ‘Cupcakes’ Earle at CreativeMornings Boston, August 2014. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at
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Sports Culture. | @JalenRose and Jacoby (#NBA)

Culture., Sports.

Jalen and Jacoby celebrate the return of the NBA, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant’s “hold me back” moment, the Kings owner acting crazy, and Michael Jordan calling Barack Obama a “shitty golfer.”
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Design Culture Interview. | @Noisey Design (Episode 1)

Culture., Design., Interviews.
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Pen & Pixel churned out thousands of covers in the 90s and early 00s for dirty South artists such as Master P, Ghetto Boys & Lil Wayne, defining the visual style of southern hip hop with its over the top, diamond encrusted covers. They were the ones to invent the term “bling bling”. Noisey follows Shawn Brauch, the founder & head designer, from their rise to success, trailblazing digital desktop publication before anyone, and it’s fall from dirty south fame.

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Design Lifestyle & Culture. | #MaestroKnows (#PartrickMartinez / @iambeckyg)

In this episode follow Maestro to Patrick’s studio in downtown Los Angeles to preview some works from his show early next year at New Image Art. Then hit Philippe’s for some french dip sandwiches and cruise down Whittier Blvd to see the location that inspired much of Patrick’s works to date.


In this episode follow Maestro to the set of Becky G’s “Shower” video. Then off to the Kelso Market to grab some Carne Asada as Becky takes to the grill with her mom for some home cooked tacos. Final stop at Dr. Luke’s studio where Becky plays some music for Levi, from her yet to be released debut album!
asap rocky

PLAY. | #ASAPRocky – #Multiply (Visuals)

Music., Play.
Directed By: Shomi Patwary, A$AP Rocky

Director of Photography: Thuan Tran, Sebastian Jimenez
Producer: Chad Gihron
Associate Producer: Sameer Naseem
Editing / Post: Shomi Patwary, Punom Patwary, Tashfiq Patwary
First AD: Stephanie Lou Hague
Casting: Jorge Wright, Booki Powell
Wardrobe: Ling, Matthew Henson
PA: Ryan Cagide, Van Young
Stage: 3D Live


Design Culture. | #Briefly (Creative Documentary)

Culture., Design.
Every project starts with a brief.
But very few projects end up with exceptional results. Why?
As a disruptive brand and design strategy firm that creates briefs across multiple creative disciplines including Advertising, Design, and Innovation, Tom Bassett, CEO of Bassett & Partners (and founder of MindSwarms), was curious to understand how some of the world’s most consistently exceptional creative talents thought about – and used – the brief.
Through a series of one-on-one interviews with Frank Gehry (Founder Gehry Partner), Yves Béhar (CEO fuseproject), Maira Kalman (Illustrator), John C Jay (President @ GX, Partner @ Wieden + Kennedy), David Rockwell (CEO Rockwell Group), and John Boiler (CEO 72andSunny), we asked them to elaborate on how they define – and use – the brief to deliver exceptional creative results.
The end goal of Briefly is to help inform and inspire future generations of collaborators to write better briefs and manage the briefing process differently in order to help lead to exceptional creative results.
So while every project will still start with a brief, the dream is that more projects end up exceptional because of how these creative titans inspire (or re-inspire) the way we all think about briefs.
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PLAY Interview. | @NiykeeHeaton

Interviews., Play.


Over two years ago, Niykee Heaton was just about to graduate from high school, working a job at Ace Hardware, and in her spare time, she was spending hours recording her acoustic covers of hip-hop’s biggest songs from her Chi-town bedroom. Everything changed after her “Love Sosa” cover video hit WorldStarHipHop. We interviewed her immediately afterwards, right before one of her shifts at the store, but these days, she’s working on her debut album and signed to Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons’ All Def Music in partnership with Capitol Records.

She just released her debut EP Bad Intentions last week and the day it dropped, she stopped by Complex to detail the project, moving from cover songs to writing original hits, and working with both Simmons and Rifkind. She also explained her fascination with WorldStarHipHop and how to set the perfect thirst trap—if you haven’t checked out her Instagram, you’re missing out.

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Design Culture. | #StapleConcrete

Culture., Design.

To bring the aptly named “Staple Concrete” to life, Jeff Ng—a longtime Shack Fan and passionate foodie—teamed up with Shake Shack’s culinary director Mark Rosati. The two creative masterminds worked together in the DUMBO Shack’s kitchen to develop a flavor profile and aesthetic that was an authentic representation of Jeff’s streetwear label Staple Pigeon. The limited edition Staple Concrete features rich and creamy vanilla frozen custard blended with seasonal raspberry jam and chunks of black sesame glazed cake doughnut specially made by NYC’s own Doughnut Plant.

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Sports Lifestyle & Culture. | Skateboarding In LA PAZ (Documentary)

Culture., Lifestyle., Sports.
In April of 2014, Levi’s® Skateboarding joined Bolivian skater Milton Arellano in reuniting with the endboss projects crew from Hannover, along with over a 100 skateboarders and builders from around the world, to build a public skatepark in La Paz, Bolivia. See professional skateboarders Marius Syvanen, David Gravette, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Chet Childress, and Al Partanen live, work, and skate the Pura Pura skatepark three miles up in the sky.

Directed by Simon Weyhe
Assistant Director: Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Produced by Levi’s Skateboarding®
Cinematography by Simon Weyhe & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Additional Camera by Kasper Hornbek Nielsen & Milton Arellano
Edited by Simon Weyhe
Additional Editing by Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Music by Anders Christophersen, WSLS Records

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Fashion Culture. | The Best of Adidas (Documentary)

Culture., Fashion
In March 1991, adidas launched adidas Equipment — a collection of shoes and sportswear that covered every discipline: from running to football to volleyball.

With new colours, a new logo and an approach to design inspired by Adi Dassler’s original approach, the collection had a simple slogan: “The best of adidas.”

Part 2 of Will Robson-Scott’s short film — created specifically for the rerelease of the cult Equipment Guidance silhouette from 1993 — continues the exploration of this project’s continuing appeal after over 20 years.

This second and final part takes trips to Blackburn in the north of England to talk EQT with adidas brand consultant Gary Aspden, Berlin for a conversation with collector and connoisseur Marc Leuschner of Overkill. At the brand’s headquarters, original adidas Equipment footwear designer Jacques Chassaing talks about the original principles behind the line, while Kazunori Yamada of Undefeated’s Tokyo store discusses Equipment’s popularity in Japan.

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creative mornings

Design Culture. | @wouter_boon “#DefiningCreativity” (@Amsterdam_CM Lecture)

Culture., Design.

Wouter Boon at CreativeMornings Amsterdam, August 2014. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at

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