CHAMPIONS. | @like_knows_like with @jessicahische (Documentary)

This is Jessica Hische, she is a letterer and illustrator living somewhere between San Francisco, California and Brooklyn, New York. Mural art by Jet Martinez Made for the ongoing documentary project, founded by filmmaker and photographer Follow the project: Join the community:   more Like Knows Like 

Design. | Making of #Stamps (#USPS)

Antonio Alcalá is one of the US Postal Service’s four art directors, a job he began in his fifties after a career designing books and museum installations. Learning to design for such a small canvas required a new way of thinking and approaching his craft. Hear what goes into designing a stamp for the U.S….

Fashion Design Technology. | @ASICSTIGERUSA “30 YEARS OF GEL #TECHNOLOGY”

Official Website: This special movie reveals the impact that GEL technology had on the history of sports shoes from various angles. ASICS Tiger shoes with GEL technology have continued to evolve over 30 years, opening the door to the shoes of the future. GELテクノロジーが、スポーツシューズの歴史に与えたインパクトをさまざまな角度から解き明かしていく内容となっています。 ASICS Tigerのシューズに搭載されているGELテクノロジーは、30年の歴史の中で、進化し続け、一歩先のシューズの未来を切り開いてきました。 「αGEL マテリアルについて」 αGELは株式会社タイカの商標です。 αGEL is a trademark of Taica…