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Design. Culture | Around Genoa, Italy: #Italy #Design #Art [Seventy2|Ten]

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DESIGNER TRAVEL uses a creative community as insider guides to a destination. In this episode host, Daon Broni, travels to the Italian city of Genoa to meet a wide range of creative characters, including animator Luigi Berio, architectural photographer Anna Positano, industrial designer Giangi Razeto, fashion designer Carina Negrone and modernist collectors Micky Wolfson Jnr and Vittorio Dapelo.
We also provide some accomodation, retail and cultural tips to help plan a trip to Genoa – including Garibaldi 12 a stunning showroom run by the Bagnaro family.
Through the work and commentary of these locals we gain an exclusive insight into the the remarkable city that is Genoa.


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