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All of Like Knows Like designer documentary shorts have inspire me so much in the past years. The documentaries never get old to watch, all of the shorts are so interesting,

Tina Roth Eisenberg doesn’t need an introduction, but for those who don’t know her, you might have heard, seen or visit one of her initiatives http://swiss-miss.comhttp://creativemornings.com

Wasted Rita calls herself a graphic designer and illustrator. Others call her an artist. Although based in Portugal, she needs to stay in constant motion, so she can continue to be inspired by the world around her. Her pieces are sarcastic but sincere, and her wit can often come with a bite. Rita’s work has been on display in Paris, London, Berlin, and all throughout Portugal. Her clients include Ginza Magazine (JP), Samsung, Delta Q, Converse and J&B. In addition to following her blog, you can buy her stuff from her official web shop, or her pages on Society6 and Juniqe.
Rafaël Rozendaal is a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas. His artistic practice consists of websites, installations, drawings, writings and lectures. Spread out over a vast network of domain names, he attracts a large online audience of over 30 million visits per year. Go ahead and check out all of his amazing websites
Meet Kelsey Brookes, artist from San Diego, California

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