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At the end of an amazing show in Bristol, UK, DJ Jazzy Jeff gives DJ Ferno a lesson on impact after he unceremoniously fades the music out at the end of the show. After a double in Manchester, the guys head off to Preston, UK where DJ Jazzy Jeff graciously partakes in the world’s longest meet & greet while Skillz interjects his witty commentary during the event.




It’s day 3 of the Vinyl Destination European tour, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the guys are heading to Annecy, France for some well deserved peace and quiet, but not before they do the small car shuffle. After an exquisite dinner of cookies and taco chips, the guys rock Pop Plage before traveling to Belfast. At Plan B in London, DJ Ferno gives us a tutorial on the proper way to use lube.

Music from this episode:

Shad & Skratch Bastid “Classic”…

Demien Desandies “Soul Travelers”

Jingle Punks “Green HIlls”…

Terry Hunter “We Are One” (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)…

Dayne Jordan “Wash It Down”

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