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PLAY Lifestyle. | @djjazzyjeff215 “#VinylDestination” ( Season 2, Episode 11-12)


In this episode of Vinyl Destination DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew spend the week in California. DJ Jazzy Jeff links up with the incredible Travis Barker to talk gear and for a DJ/Drummer jam session.  After a long day in the studio, the guys have worked up quite an appetite. Take a stroll with them through the grocery store to see what goes into making a Magnificent Meal.  Click here for this episode of Vinyl Destination.


LA to London to Vegas … all in 36 hours? Yup! All in the name of a surprise show on the Graham Norton show  in London with DJ Jazzy Jeff’s longtime partner Will Smith.  After a whirlwind weekend, Jeff and the crew take you behind the scenes at rehearsal for Bonnaroo’s SuperJam .  What makes DJ Jazzy Jeff proclaim “this might have been the best sh*t I”ve ever done in my life!”? Watch this week’s episode to find out!
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