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Sports Lifestyle & Culture. | #ESPN30for30 “I Am Yup’ik” (Documentary)

A 16-year-old Alaskan Yup’ik teenager leaves his tiny village and travels across hundreds of miles of frozen tundra to compete in a basketball tournament and bring pride to his village.
Directors: Daniele Anastasion & Nathan Golon
Producer: Patrick White
Director of Photography: Nathan Golon
Editor: Matt Cascella
Original Music: Brooke Blair & Will Blair
Production Manager: Elyse Kelly
Assistant Editor: Shane Alcock
Post Production Services: Final Frame
Post Production Sound Facility: Creative Audio Post
For ESPN Films
Executive Producers: John Dahl, Libby Geist & Connor Schell
Senior Producer: Erin Leyden
Producers: Shaun Alperin & Deirdre Fenton

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