Sports Lifestyle | Euro Railvolution (Snowboarding): #Snowboarding #Europe #Fall #Winter [Seventy2|Ten]


Football is here, that mean winter will be here before you know it!



There’s a new uprising in Europe that has nothing to do with politics. Check out the first Snow Porn featuring Ludwig Lejkner, Neils Schack, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and Denis Leontyev. These guys have some amazing style and will be on everyone’s radar sooner than later. At 5-plus minutes long, this is well worth your time.

Filmed by:
Andro Kajzer
Luka Stanovnik

Edited by:
Andro Kajzer

“La Di Da”
Performed By: Victorian Halls
Album: Charlatan

Performed By: The Dead Exs
Album: Revolution – The Single

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