The NBA Owned New Orleans Pelicans Stole Zion Williamson

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The NBA in the past 24 hours has not set well with me. The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery has been advertised, and force down my throat for over a year. Which team will have the rights to Zion Williamson. Yes, we all know in professional sports teams tank and try to earn the rights to the next big thing. NBA revised it’s NBA draft lottery to avoid tanking teams from getting a top tier pick. But why now. The rights for Zion Williamson has been forecasted years in advance by the NBA.

The new draft lottery system was to promote teams not to purposely tank. The NBA used this season for a new draft lottery system to steal the rights to Zion Williamson. It’s known that the National Basketball Association owns the New Orleans Pelicans. In the years prior they never sold the rights to prospective buyer. Zion Williamson to the New Orleans Pelicans is more revenue for the NBA. If the New York Knicks earn the #1 Pick in the 2019 NBA draft. That is extra revenue NBA could earn, simply because they do own that particular franchise.

Last night during the NBA Draft. ESPN hammered in the fact with Rachel Nichols a new draft format was installed. Giving the top 3 badly performing teaming a 14% chance of earning the #1 Pick. New York, Cleveland, Phoenix all have an even chance of winning the draft. Clearly, the worst team in the NBA was the New York Knicks. Earning the #3 pick doesn’t seem fair to me. Not when the New Orleans tank their season away, by not playing their franchise player Anthony Davis in most games.

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis stated earlier this season that he wanted to be traded to Los Angles Lakers. This news happened soon after Davis sign with Lebron best friend agent Rich Paul. News of trade demand made New Orleans Pelicans very emotional. New Orleans shell company for the NBA “Benson Estate,” refused to play Anthony Davis most of the 2018-2019. Their biggest exception was this year NBA All-Star exhibition game, for promotion purpose. The previous season Anthony Davis led the Pelicans to playoff series sweep over the Portland Trailblazers. In my opinion, the New Orleans Pelicans sabotage their season to win Zion Williamson. By seating Anthony Davis on the bench the entire season.

The commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver warned teams about tanking games. After the couple months of the season on October and November. Those anti-tanking chants seem to be less noticeable. Seems by the leading sports experts of ESPN, Fox Sports, and others forgot NBA had a horse in the race. Pelicans tank the season away with an uninjured top 5 NBA talent to earn Zion Williamson.

Zion Williamson is the most hype player since Lebron James in the early 2000s. Maybe Zion could turn Pelicans into a mecca of professional basketball. Same as LeBron James did to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe Zion returns back to school or demands a trade to another team. You could clearly see Zion was disappointed in the selection. His smile disappeared as the air left the room from the Pelicans selection. Maybe the camera angle made it seems that way, who knows.

New Orleans Pelicans had a great season, they earn Zion Williamson before the season is officially over. They have the trade bait in Anthony Davis make a complete overhaul of their roster. Making the NBA owned Pelicans the most profitable teams in the league in one offseason next season.

Written by Marc Peters

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